Commute Stories | Quarterly Issue 1, March 2018

In glorifying travel writing, we often forget about the journeys we make every day. Commutes may not be the favorite part of our day, and sometimes we might even dread Monday mornings a little bit more because of them, but our first issue in 2018 attempts to lift commutes out of the drudgery of routine.


Daily Design | Quarterly Issue 2, July 2018

How many things do you use on a daily basis that you don't appreciate the importance of until you can't access them? Think of the thoughtful "peel-here" edge on the cheese slice wrapper, or the tiny projection on the butt of your stapler that undoes a hasty decision to staple. In issue 2 of 2018, we are taking a moment to focus on these quiet, largely anonymous innovations in everyday design that make the daily possible.


Everywhere Art | Quarterly Issue 3, October 2018

What is art? Does its status need to be validated by the weight of its author or the place where it is displayed?
Can decrepit structures or paan-stained walls be art in themselves? Better yet, can they be imagined as canvasses for something entirely new?
From things overlooked in our noisy and cluttered big-cities, to what we can hold in our hands in the solitary confines of own rooms, this third edition of the TLJ quarterly focuses on various sights that demand a re-look as ‘art’.


Recalling ‘18 through food | Quarterly Issue 4, December 2018

In almost every inch of the snaking lanes of India’s old cities, or in the sameness of impersonal and brightly lit food courts of its newer metros, kitchens are always bustling, exhaust fans are forever buzzing, and people are munchingmuching and moving on. 

But let’s take a step back for a minute, away from steam and smoke.

With this issue, TLJ is teasing out stories that take time to understand a more slower, personal meditation with eating: why we eat what we eat, and how and where we eat it. 

What better way to look back on your year than through how your eating has shaped you. We sign off for the year with one thought: Let your food breathe.